• Star Nights

    Musical Nights and Star Nights Performances by famous artists, singers and famous bands, special celebrity performances including big faces of bollywood.

  • Kitty Party

    professional kitty party planner and own almost all theme of kitty party, Party Organisers & Decoratos. Product launch. Promotions .

  • Get-together Party

    we have best venue for all Seasonal Get together with friends or colleagues and capable of arranging all sorts of Get together events.

  • Birthday theme Party

    We have all the arrangements for Theme Birthday parties' at our Venue or right from the selection of Venue to huge variety of party themes.

  • Trade fair

    premier exhibition organizer involve into Exhibitions & Trade Fair Organisers in lucknow and surrounding Cities.

  • Misc. Events

    arranges events that bring a community together. No event is too large or too small to arrange but our Aim to Bring communities together through cost effective events that puts a smile on everyone's face.

Event Managment
jc hotel event

We have been organizing events since 1984 and those events as a whole havent changed that much. Conferences, exhibitions, festivals, road-shows are much the same as they were twenty years ago. However a lot has changed around the edges and its time to review the skills for event organizers and look at the role of the rounded Event Organizer.